Why Us?

Why Us?

We offer resources and capabilities that are critical to our clients' business growth.

Breadth of innovative products and services offered

Our innovative structuring skills which are driven by hardcore structured finance, capital market and project finance backgrounds as well as past track records gives our clients plenty of imaginative room for their unique business funding requirements.

No-surprise investment terms, conditions and pricing

We only deal with business transactions that has been screened through based on its transaction and, sponsor integrity. We ensure high bankability via innovative structures which are acceptable to our counterpart investors with regards to collateral coverage, EBITDA coverage, return, risks tolerance, exit options and industry preference.
Our expertise and insights on how investors operate helps our clients get optimal funding terms with regards to structure, collaterals and covenants. This will reduce surprises for both investor and clients when it comes to negotiation of investment terms and conditions. ‚Äč

Speed and Certainty- availability in time

When it comes to funding, indicative terms are often produced within days or weeks by our investors . Hence, this will give our clients a quick turnaround time for business decisions.
A bird in hand is worth three in the bush. Rather than going around sourcing two to three competing proposals that might take a considerable amount of time, we offer our clients an indicative term of financing straight from our counterpart investor.

Advisory driven by corporate finance fundamentals and no-nonsense business strategies

Every transaction is driven not only based on project experience, but by solid corporate finance fundamentals, no-nonsense business strategies, and market driven common sense; as the crust that holds all things together. Objectivity and sound advice are our trademark, thus advising our clients to walk away from a business proposal is not unusual, if that prevents them from making marginal business decisions.

A partner in need is a partner indeed

When we act on behalf of our clients in a merger and acquisition scenario, we greatly add value when it comes to project assessment and advisory in an objective manner without agency problems. Our clients gain tremendous benefits through our straight forward and simplistic approach in negotiations, especially when it comes to a more sophisticated quasi equity terms sheet and M&A transactions. This will increase the chance of closing the transaction in negotiation, or an outright walkaway with no delay.