Advisory Services

Our in-depth structured finance skills and up to date market's appetite and market players give more options and better insights to our clients.

M&A Advisory

Fidelitas Advisor's execution skills and transaction insights are attributable to years of hands-on deal making and due diligence spanning across vibrant industrial sectors that drives the SEA region’s growth i.e. utilities, energy, toll-roads, food, property, consumers, oil and gas, resources & mining, petrochemicals, CPO plantations, heavy equipment, and financial institutions.

Our strength is in the mid-market business, a robust and growing segment that drives the economy in Indonesia with typical sales ranging from USD 80 million p.a. to USD 600 million p.a.

Our in-depth knowledge of the transaction mechanics, market’s appetite and players gives more options and better insights to our clients.


We give no investments recommendation except the facts of our services and a variety of alternatives with its pros and cons. This options come on top of what our clients have already had and contemplated along the process with its management.

Hence we always position ourselves as the hired insightful partner to the board of director of our client.

This alongside assistance role helps our client in reinforcing the quality of the transaction, refine the definition of risks and providing alternatives in making a more prudent decision.

Therefore all investment decision makings, due diligence results, risk takings and responsibility of a corporate action always rest with the client.

01. Buy Side Advisory

We provide services in identification, research, due diligence, valuations, and alternatives in transaction structuring options for the benefit of a company with regards to an acquisition of an asset or company shares.

We work closely together with professionals i.e. Tax consultant, Accounting firm, and Law firms in crafting out the best options.

02. Sell Side Advisory

Sell-side advisory roles becomes critical when our client would like to optimise the value of the assets, shares or projects when it comes to placement of shares or assets to a strategic investor.

The value of an enterprise is founded by two key elements e.g. Profit Margin and Prospect of the business. Further we help our client in identifying the business and costs drivers of the business and emphasising the unique resources and special capabilities of the company.

Not all sell-side transaction gets executed, nevertheless our involvement normally may increase the offering price to the investor.

03. Mergers & Consolidations

Merging several entities for the sake of value creation sometimes is required. A surviving entity will stay whilst the merged entity is dissolved.

Consolidation of fragmented industry players can create lots of value by costs savings and sharing of resources. A new entity will emerge as the consolidation process finishes.

04. Vendor's Listing

A high-value creation capital market transaction of an illiquid but valuable asset or company shares that involves listing of the original asset or shares, while raising funds for expansion in markets at the same time. Liquidity and market capitalization of the new shares will immediately be created. We normally work with a securities firm in this regards.

05. Joint Venture Facilitation

There are many aspects to be considered in a joint venture transaction. For many companies, an objective 3rd party’s assessment is often necessary to ensure a successful joint venture. Our services include but not limited to performing due diligence, synergy identification, solving potential issues, financing arrangement and partners’ representation.

Capital Funding

Our firm is supported by more than 40 global institutional investors hence alternative options of funding is ample depending on the robustness of projects.

With our partners’ years of structuring experience and track records, below is a list of possible ways to structure a project funding.

Fidelitas Advisors has arranged funding on numerous projects with a total value of more than USD 1.5 billion.

As arranger with ample financial partners; we provide convenience for our clients to look for the right funding partners and help find the best alternatives available in the market.


No market risk is taken by us as our firm does’t underwrite any securities except arranging (on a best-effort basis) a typical project funding via a bilateral or a club-deal basis.

Once the project is with potential investor, the onus is on the investor to get comfortable with the project investment risks subject to a satisfactory due diligence, disclosure by our client, the investor producing terms & conditions acceptable to our clients and a proper documentation.

Disclosure, warranties and representation liabilities are with our clients or their lawyer since they sign the information memorandum and the terms sheet. As a facilitator, we work closely with prominent law-firms, auditors, tax consultants, and securities firm in executing the funding project

01. Structured Finance

Structured Finance is central to the innovation in structuring a complex financing transaction in which various risks transfer and yield enhancements are sought after by our investors.

It spans from Tollroad securitisation, Gas pipe capitalisation to Real Estate Investment Trust or Credit ratings enhancement via over collateralisation.

**Arbitrage situation is not unusual in a structured financing situation.

02. Acquisition Finance

Arranging capital in a short period of time for the acquiring company in order to acquire control of a company through stock purchase, exchange, cash, or any combination available. The acquisition transaction may involve short deadlines or bidding situation

03. Pre-IPO Finance

An offering of shares, quasi-equity, or mezzanine finance from a company to raise capital for acquiring another business and/or improving the perceived business value in advance of an expected IPO. This strategic action will entice larger institutional investors to the company shares once it goes public.

04. Project Finance

Long-term financing of infrastructure and large industrial projects from USD 100 - 200 million based on the projected cash flow of the project rather than the balance sheets of the project sponsors. Usually, a project financing structure involves a number of equity investors, known as sponsors, as well as a syndicate of banks that provide long-term financing to the project.

05. Expansion Finance

Fundraising to upgrade existing equipment, project expansion or purchasing additional equipment and/or facilities to grow organically.

06. Structured Trade Finance

A Cross-border trade finance facility, where the intention is to get repaid by the liquidation of a flow of commodities i.e. coal, oil and gas, iron ore, and CPO. This is structured around the supply chain and commercial terms of customers, usually involving a bilateral strategic relationship between the company and its producers, processors, traders or industrial end-users.

07. Special Situtation

The condition in which we can arrange a tailor-made financing facility specifically crafted for a company. Some examples are mergers, distressed investment, shares financing, repurchase, acquisitions, spin offs, buyouts, takeovers, and earnings surprises.

08. Long-term strategic capital (greenfield and brownfield)

For projects that require large equity contribution upfront before a project finance kicks in, we can assist the project owner by having access to strategic long term capital for the purpose of joint-operations and/or joint-ventures in a green-field infrastructure project (i.e. toll-road, utilities (power plants) and energy projects (oil and gas).