Merger & acquisition counterparts

Fidelitas Capital has established excellent relationships at the top levels of corporations and multinationals in Indonesia. Our network of investors include but not limited to global banks, development banks, venture capital firms, family office funds, hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds, and private equity players (GPs and LPs) from New York, London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, and Sydney. This privilege gives our clients a wider range of options in terms of corporate action strategies, investment counterparts, funding profiles and institution choices when it comes to M&A transactions.

Member of a global M&A community

Fidelitas Capital has access to a global network of professionals in the M&A community as a member of Intralinks Deal Nexus, a global M&A portal consisting of M&A departments from multinational corporations, family office investment managers and top investment banks. Combined with our network of global banking and investment counterparts, Fidelitas Capital can arrange the required funding for any M&A transaction.

Selected investment choices

For institutional investors, we provide the best investment choices which are pre-screened and tailored for your risk appetite and funding capabilities. We welcome any institutional investor to contact us for the latest pipeline of our investment propositions.

Placement counterparts

Our clients will waste no time finding the most suitable funds or investor profile for their specific industries and unique financial needs. The typical investor profiles are as follows :

Global Banks / Development Agency

​A selection of scalable short/long term financing from international banks, including government or development banks. The wide bank selections with different mandates and country limits will provide funds to our customer for commercial, trade financing, or socio-community requirements. Tenor ranges from 3 to 12 years of project commitment are not unusual.

Private equity, venture capital, hedge funds and sovereign wealth funds

​Wide selection of middle sized to large private equity, venture capital and hedge funds partners with various risk return profile and industrial expertise to match the client’s specific business requirements.
The typical sweet spot for investments is circa USD 15 million for smaller funds, USD 50-150 million for larger funds, and USD 300 million and above for sovereign wealth funds.
We understand our partner funds’ investment strategies and pre-requisite very well i.e. good sponsors, industrial sectors, collateral value/investment ratio, point of entry in a business cycle, growth or venture investing, exit strategy and typical collateral or corporate structures that suit into their funds mandates.