Project Track Records

Project Track Records

Fidelitas Capital Pte. Ltd. has advised corporate ventures, M&A and arranged funding for a selected local and international companies as follows:


Mergers and Acquisition Advisory

  1. Performed a transaction & negotiation advisory to a share swap transaction between two largest healthcare companies belong to a fund (Rp.13 Trillion AUM) and a large cellular company.
  2. Mandated for group restructuring and corporate governance advisory services for a stainless steel based fabricator and energy holding company.
  3. We were contracted to help design a business and financial roadmap for a healthcare company for an Administrative Managed Care healthcare service including health clinics and labs.
  4. As Advisor for intergroup companies restructuring for a large manufacturer in road construction. This is in line with the pre-IPO restructuring by acquisition of three subsidiaries. This involves an assessment in the business model, synergy creation, resources and capabilities in each subsidiary. The turnover reaches Rp 800 billion per annum.
  5. As a Buy side Advisor conducting business and financial due diligence for a large heavy equipment manufacturer company to acquire a multi-finance company.
  6. Conducted a feasibility study and business roadmap for a large Chinese company in the palm oil industry. The feasibility study conducted was for a project worth of US$ 60 million. We ran a comprehensive business and financial modelling from the CPO production process, including identifying costs and revenues, scenario analysis, DCF modelling, and IRR analysis.
  7. As a Sell side advisor to the largest sulfamic acid and potassium sulfate producer. We ran a business roadmap and a financial modeling from up to downstream processes, identifying cost and revenue drivers, scenario analysis, DCF, IRR and valuation of the company (US$50 million).
  8. As a Sell side Advisor to a 100 megawatts gas and diesel power plants in 3 locations to an international energy player.
  9. As a Joint Venture Advisor in the new joint venture between Japan’s largest fruit jelly manufacturing company (US$3 Billion turnover) and an Indonesian coconut jelly manufacturer.
  10. As a Buy-side Advisor conducting business and financial due diligence for the largest tug and barge shipping company (150 sets) in an acquisition of a dry bulk shipping company in Singapore.
  11. Provided a joint venture facilitation service to a listed jewelry company in Thailand, to exit a 15-year joint venture partnership with a large business group in Indonesia.
  12. As a Buy side Advisor conducting negotiation, business and financial due diligence for two gas fired power plants in North Sea Jakarta (CNOOC China) and PIM (Aceh).

Capital Funding Services

  1. Mandated as project advisor including project finance (from China) in an integrated railway project worth US$400 million in South Sumatera.
  2. Fund raising at holding level for an energy and infrastructure company up to US$100 million.
  3. Placement for a beverages company for US$20 million holding refinancing.
  4. Equity placement for a hydro power plant with 4X55 MW run-off-river with 160 m3/s.
  5. Placement of a 8 years long-term loan of US$12 million for a large manufacturing company.
  6. Project advisor and arranger for a Real Estate Investment Trust (DIRE) to acquire a chain of 4-stars hotel in Indonesia with transactions worth Rp.1 Trillion.
  7. Placement for a two office towers in South Jakarta worth US$80 million.
  8. Placement of US$50 million to finance expansion and acquisition of a petrochemical downstream subsidiary of a large ASEAN regional group.
  9. Raised Rp.250 Billion for a transport group company.

(The list is not exhaustive, names and transactions are disguised for confidentiality purpose)